HighTone Therapy is electrotherapy with specially modulated medium-frequency current. In addition to the basic SimulFAMi current, there are modulations with additional low-frequency effects.

These are used to stimulate innervated muscles and for pain therapy. Another field of application is the causal treatment of polyneuropathy.

The treatment of activated and chronic arthrosis with and without joint effusion and complaints of bone marrow edema are very effective and free of side effects.
The spasm-lowering effect is used in multiple sclerosis, stroke and cerebral palsy.

The HiToP devices operate with medium-frequency alternating currents in the frequency range between 4 and 33 kHz.
The desired therapy or indication can be selected with a single touch on the color touchscreen. A graphic display shows the placement of the electrodes. The current forms and the indications can be activated from the favorite list with one touch to start.

Applications of the high tone therapy

HiToP therapy has a causal effect against polyneuropathy, regardless of its etiology, plus and minus complaints are effectively and rapidly reduced. Studies show good to very good success in two thirds of patients.
Patients with a wide variety of pain syndromes (such as gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis, cervical spine syndrome, shoulder-arm syndrome, radicular and pseudoradicular complaints, etc.) experience significant relief of their pain, which could not be achieved with conventional forms of therapy.
Other clinical pictures that can be positively influenced are spasticity in multiple sclerosis, insult and cerebral palsy. The therapy can also be used supportively in the treatment of peripheral paresis and depression as well as for the treatment of respiratory problems and fatigue syndrome after COVID-19 diseases.

Medical programs

  • SimulFAMi
  • HTEMS – High Tone Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • pain
  • rehab
  • lymphatic drainage
  • a.o.

Special features of high-frequency therapy

  • Large frequency window
  • Maximum current up to 300 mA
  • Treatment duration up to 60 minutes
  • Whole body and local therapy
  • Very pleasant current treatment
  • Easy operation via touch screen


Versions of the HiToP touch series

HiToP 1 touch

HiToP 1 touch

1 channel, 10.1″ touch screen, incl. carrying case



HiToP 2 touch


2 independent channels, 15″ touchscreen; equipment cart optional

HiToP 4 touch


4 independent channels, 15″ touchscreen; equipment cart optional





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