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STIMULETTE edition5 S2x

2-channel device – can be used for simultaneous treatment of several muscles or muscle groups and treatment of pain in two regions

  • 28 current forms of proven effectiveness
  • 6 freely programmable current forms
  • two independent channels – intensity can be individually selected
  • intuitive operation – one touch to start
  • expanded range of indications

The STIMULETTE edition5 S2x allows applications to stimulate innervated and denervated muscles to treat chronic, nociceptive and neuropathic pain, as well as central nervous paresis.

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HiToP touch Models

HiToP 4 touch

HiToP 2 touch

The innovative devices HiToP 2 touch presents to the user local and holistic therapies for different indications. Yet the user interface gives a maximum level of usability: With one single touch you can select a therapy from your personal list of favorites. Simply turning the intensity regulator allows a real quickstart. The modern high-tech design with brushed aluminum surface and the 15″ TFT LCD full color touch screen monitor offer to the health care professional an indispensable feature. ...

HiToP 191

The HiToP 191 is a HighTone Therapy device that is used in home therapy and has been optimally developed in its current form and its parameters for muscle stimulation – for the treatment of polyneuropathies. In addition to the typical substance-promoting effect that is so typical of this novel therapy, muscle stimulation which is particularly pleasant for the patient, is achieved.

The HighTone Therapy works with medium-frequency, specially modulated AC forms. Sudies confirm that this new form of therapy is much more pronaunced in polyneuropathy than conventional forms of electrotherapy. ...



This comfort therapy unit is the new benchmark in Electro Therapy. The unit works with a three-dimensional interference current generated through the superposition of three middle-frequency currents. It can be used as an Electro Therapy device, ultrasound therapeutic device and for the combination of electrical stimulus current with ultrasound.

The stimulating lower frequencies are already generated through interference of two phase shifted circuits in the area being stimulated. The additional third electrical circuit generates, as opposed to classical interference methods on one side a slower change in intensity and on the other side a rhytmic shifting of the interference field. These dynamics of the area being stimulated and the intensity decrease the habituation effect and therefore improve the therapeutic effect. ...

Tesi benches

Tesi ComfoTrac Duo

Tesi benches combine the crucial features of massage and traction with thermotherapy and vibrations in the known BMS frequencies.

An innovative, medical-therapeutic generation of Tesi benches has been developed. The high technical standard and impressive design offers not only convenience and ease of use, but electrically adjustable stepped bed for the positioning of the legs and the touchscreen regulation of all settings. ...