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This comfort therapy unit is the new benchmark in Electro Therapy. The unit works with a three-dimensional interference current generated through the superposition of three middle-frequency currents. It can be used as an Electro Therapy device, ultrasound therapeutic device and for the combination of electrical stimulus current with ultrasound.

The stimulating lower frequencies are already generated through interference of two phase shifted circuits in the area being stimulated. The additional third electrical circuit generates, as opposed to classical interference methods on one side a slower change in intensity and on the other side a rhytmic shifting of the interference field. These dynamics of the area being stimulated and the intensity decrease the habituation effect and therefore improve the therapeutic effect. ...

Tesi benches

Tesi ComfoTrac Duo

Tesi benches combine the crucial features of massage and traction with thermotherapy and vibrations in the known BMS frequencies.

An innovative, medical-therapeutic generation of Tesi benches has been developed. The high technical standard and impressive design offers not only convenience and ease of use, but electrically adjustable stepped bed for the positioning of the legs and the touchscreen regulation of all settings. ...

Radiotherm 1006

Radiotherm 1006

The Radiotherm 1006 generates constant and pulsed microwave energy for thermal and non-thermal applications.

Providing relief to the subcutaneous fat tissue, microwave radiation offers beneficial effects for muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Increased circulation, improved cell metabolism, and spasmolysis relief and pain relief are among the most notable effects that can be achieved after just a relatively short period of therapy.

Pulse mode broadens the range of applications further: Even acutely inflammatory processes can be given targeted treatment. ...

Ultratherm 1008

Ultratherm 1008

The Ultratherm 1008 short-wave therapy unit sets new standards for its class. It still employs the ideal source, a high-performance vacuum tube, which allows both the capacitor (condensor field) and the coil (induction field) techniques to be used.

To guarantee ease of use as well as convenient and efficient operation, the unit features a graphic display that not only guides the operator but also provides indication suggestions (incl. pictograms showing proper electrode application) and various program storage positions. ...

Sonostat 133

Sonostat 133

The Sonostat 133 with its different frequencies (1 and 3 MHz) and easy handling is the ideal start into Ultrasonic Therapy.

The ultrasound is applied with ergonomically designed and 100 % watertight treatment heads of 2,5 cm² or 5 cm². The treatment heads are made of high-quality titanium, which is bioinert in contrary to conventional aluminium heads, i.e. 100 % friendly to the skin. Furthermore, the heads are very robust, much more durable and non-tarnishing. ...