Sonostat 133

Sonostat 133

The affordable entry into ultrasound therapy! Sonostat 133 is an ultrasound therapy device for continuous and pulsed ultrasound (1:5, 1:10, 1:20). All applications are easy and safe to perform. Deep-lying regions are treated with a frequency of 1 MHz and a maximum intensity of 3 W/cm². For superficial applications, the frequency of 3 MHz is used, and the maximum intensity is 1.5 W/cm². The data are valid for continuous and impulse sound.
The therapy is performed with a 5 cm² transducer made of high-quality titanium (optional: 2.5 cm²). The transducer is made of high-quality titanium (100% skin-friendly, robust and durable). Each transducer can be used for both frequencies. An acoustic coupling control can be switched on optionally. The transducers are waterproof and can also be used for treatment in a water bath.

Indications & Applications

Ultrasound can be used successfully due to its mechanical, thermal, chemical and biological effects:

  • tendopathies
  • inflammatory, rheumatic and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • traumatic affections after contusions, sprains, contractures

accessories included:
ultrasound probe 5 cm² made of high-quality titanium, ultrasonic-gel 250 ml, power-plug and manual

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