The Stereodynator comfort therapy device helps you treat pain, paralysis, improve mobility and help your patients regain strength.
The Stereodynator is unique on the market with its worldwide patented 3-circuit interference current. This allows a 3D effect for more depth.

All pulse current forms are biphasic selectable and therefore metal compatible.
The following parameters are freely programmable: rectangular, triangular and trapezoidal shapes, max. pulse width for monophasic 2000ms and for biphasic 4000ms. The programmed current waveforms can be easily recalled.

It is possible to perform stimulus-electric diagnostics with rheobase, chronaxy and i-t-curve determination.
The device includes an extensive indication list with system illustrations.
Easy operation with One Touch to Start.
The suction vacuum unit operates on the Venturi principle. This makes it low-maintenance and hygienic.

For the treatment of

  • muscle tension
  • Muscular atrophy and weakness
  • central and peripheral lamina
  • pain

The Schuhfried Plus

The classic current forms of the STIMULETTE S2x, such as threshold current for stimulating innervated muscles and the modern stimulation of denervated muscles by biphasic rectangular and triangular pulses in series, are included.
The two independent channels make it possible to treat either two patients at the same time or, in the case of one patient, several body regions with different forms of current simultaneously.

Stereodynator® with trolley


Versions of the Stereodynator

  • Stereodynator – Basic: Applications are possible with classic plate and star electrodes; can also be used for stimulation current diagnostics.
  • Stereodynator with vacuum module: Applications are possible with 1- and 3-circuit suction electrodes as well as with classic plate and star electrodes.
  • Stereodynator with ultrasound module: The combination therapy device can be used as a stimulation current and ultrasound therapy device as well as for the simultaneous application of stimulation current with ultrasound; The applications are possible with classic plate and star electrodes; incl. 1 ultrasound probe 5 cm², optional 2.5 cm² transducer.
  • Stereodynator with vacuum and ultrasound module : The applications are possible with the combination therapy device with 1-circuit and 3-circuit suction electrodes, as well as with classic plate and star electrodes. The combination therapy combines the analgesic and hyperemic effects of the stimulation current with the mechanical and thermal effects of ultrasound; incl. 1 ultrasound probe 5 cm², optional 2.5 cm² transducer.

More advantages

Durability and reliability
Support by reliable partner, replacement equipment in case of service, technical team for annual safety check.
The device has already proven itself for decades in use in clinics, hospitals, spas, surgeries and medical practices.

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