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Stereodynator® touch



The modern comfort therapy device in electrotherapy works with three-dimensional interference current, which is created by the superposition of three medium-frequency currents flowing in different directions. The noble housing made of brushed aluminium gives the device a precious appearance. Simple operation through One Touch to Start! A large number of proven low and medium frequency current forms are already pre-programmed, whereby individual current forms can be easily programmed and stored. The two independent channels make it possible to treat either two patients at the same time or, in the case of one patient, several body regions with different current forms simultaneously.
The Schuhfried-Plus: The classic current forms of the S2x stimulette, such as surge current, biphasic rectangular and triangular pulses in series to stimulate denervated muscles are included.

For the treatment of:

  • muscle tension
  • Muscular atrophy and weakness, central and peripheral lamina
  • pain


  • determination of the rheobase and chronaxy
  • recording of I/T curves (numerical and graphical in the display) – with export option to USB stick
  • MF test according to Dr. Lange

Stereodynator® with trolley


Versions of the Stereodynators:

  • Stereodynator – Basic: application with plate electrodes and star electrodes, also applicable for stimulation current diagnostics
  • Stereodynator with integrated suction application: supplementary application with suction electrodes 3-circuit and 1-circuit
  • Stereodynator with integrated ultrasound therapy module: combination therapy device, the stereodynator can be used as a stimulation current and ultrasound therapy device and for the simultaneous application of stimulation current with ultrasound; incl. 1 ultrasound probe 5 cm², optional 2,5 cm² ultrasound probe
  • Stereodynator with integrated suction application and integrated ultrasound therapy module : combination therapy device, the applications are possible with both suction and plate electrodes. The combination therapy combines the analgesic and hyperemic effects of the stimulation current with the mechanical and thermal effects of ultrasound; incl. 1 ultrasound probe 5 cm², optional 2,5 cm² ultrasound probe.


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