Quality – developed and made in Austria

2-channel device – unique in the treatment of muscle weakness in innervated and denervated muscles. Even limp paralysed muscles can be stimulated.


The powerful 2-channel stimulation current unit has eleven pre-programmed current forms, which are immediately available when the unit is started. The patient current intensity of the respective channel can be dosed independently. To ensure treatment flexibility, the current forms can be individually adjusted via a clearly arranged menu. This makes it easy to select the electrotherapy programs for innervated and denervated muscles.

The touch screen in combination with a well thought-out user interface makes the selection and adaptation of current forms simple and clear. When designing the device, special emphasis was placed on simple, fast and intuitive handling.


The STIMULATOR RISE can be used for therapy as part of a physical treatment as follows:

  • Muscle weakness with innervated muscles
  • Flaccid paralysis in denervated muscles and muscle degeneration in peripheral pareses
  • Treatment of central and peripheral paralysis


The STIMULATOR RISE is the only device in the world that can output a current of up to ±250mA without direct current. The RISE stimulator represents a breakthrough in the electrotherapy of limp paralysed muscles. This is done with broad biphasic rectangular pulses and, if necessary, very high intensities. The stimulation of denervated muscles can only be achieved by means of broad pulses that directly excite the muscle. In order to achieve stimulation of the entire denervated muscle if possible, the use of large-surface electrodes (safety electrodes) adapted to the muscle is therefore necessary.


Effects of electrostimulation with STIMULATOR RISE in peripheral paresis

  • Improvement or regeneration of the muscle substance
  • Improvement or regeneration of muscle function
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Better skin condition
  • Faster wound healing
  • Thicker muscle pad
  • Decubitus prophylaxis
  • Improved visual appearance and thus increased self-esteem


Effects of electrostimulation with STIMULATOR RISE in central paresis

  • Muscle building and strengthening of strength
  • Reduction of spasticity
  • Promotion of neuroplasticity
  • Improved function of the affected extremity
  • Improvement of gait pattern, mobility and arm function


Other technical advantages

  • Biphasic rectangular pulses
  • Biphasic triangular impulses for sensitive skin
  • Biphasic triangular pulses for selective stimulation
  • Frequency readable on display
  • Wide current pulses
  • Patented safety electrodes for stimulation of limp paralysed muscles
  • Patient switch for self-control during functional use when standing up or walking on the walking bar
  • Individual limitation of the maximum current intensity
  • For home therapy the device can be password protected


Impuls test

The STIMULATOR RISE offers the impulse test for the therapist to check the progress of the training. This is used to deliver short packets of impulses. Before the first therapy, very short pulses (1ms) should be used to check whether the denervation is complete. With these short pulses, there should be no reaction in completely denervated muscles.

  • More treatment safety by checking the degree of denervation
  • Determination of the optimal stimulation parameters
  • Success tracking

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