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stimulette r2x

stimulette r2x

The stimulette r2x is a versatile, compact and powerful 2-channel elektrostimulation device. A wide range of current forms is available and can be simply selected using the multiple-option-keys. The therapy spectrum includes low frequency, medium frequency and interference current therapy. In addition, self-programmable current forms can be used. All pulsed current forms can be set to operate biphasically. Clear design and robust construction enhance the convenience of the device. The stimulette r2x is outstanding for convenience, reliability and performance. ...

stimulette den2x

stimulette den2x Dr. Schuhfried

The stimulette den2x is a compact, high performance two-channel electrotherapy device that was developed to be used exclusively for stimulating denervated muscles. It features the latest microcontroller technology, a graphic LCD display and simple operation by touch sensors. Until now, adequate electrotherapy devices for the rehabilitation of paraplegic patients with flaccid paralyses have not been available. ...