2-channel device – can be used for simultaneous treatment of several muscles or muscle groups and treatment of pain in two regions

  • 28 current forms of proven effectiveness
  • 6 freely programmable current forms
  • two independent channels – intensity can be individually selected
  • intuitive operation – one touch to start
  • expanded range of indications

The STIMULETTE edition5 S2x allows applications to stimulate innervated and denervated muscles to treat chronic, nociceptive and neuropathic pain, as well as central nervous paresis.

What’s new?

  • the latest scientifically backed applications at a touch
  • for flaccid peripheral paralysis in accordance with the RISE study – up to 18.000 impulses in a 30-minute therapy session
  • aSN, the new surge current for therapy of central paresis, and a aSLL for stimulation of innervated muscles with a long surge pause
  • GALV in four intensity ranges – even more finely dosable; now also for treatment of fibromyalgia and cerebral stroke
  • intuitive navigation and user-friendly – all parameters in view
  • operating manual with clear instructions for use for frequent and new indications
  • safe home use – password-protected

Current forms

  • GALV Constant galvanization, GALV 0 – 10mA, GALV 0 – 25mA, GALV 0 – 50mA
  • IG Impulse galvanization IG30, IG50
  • FM Frequency modulation
  • UR Ultra stimulation current according to Träbert
  • DIAD Diadynamic current forms DF, CP, LP, MF
  • TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation: HF-TENS, LF-TENS, Burst-TENS
  • aS  Surge current aS, aSL, aSN, aSLL
  • HV High-voltage HV60, HV100
  • MFR Medium-frequency current forms MF10, MF100, aSMF
  • EXPO for stimulation of denervated musculature E100, E200
  • DEN Muscle maintenance and ultra-structural regeneration. Ifre-innervation is not expected, the main aim is to stimulate blood circulation and improve trophicity. DEN120, DEN40
  • IF Interference current
  • PS Six freely configurable current forms – multiple uses

Pleasant for the patient: all impulse current forms (except DIAD) can bei biphasic/metal-compatible.

The STIMULETTE edition5 is notable for its wide range of parameters, such as broad impulses, high output capacity, brief pauses. It is the best choice for practical applications, science and research.

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